today's date: Friday, January 22nd 2021
last modified: 2020-10-19, 23:06:01
John Elway and The Drive:
Acrylic on Masonite - Boulder, CO

The premise behind this mural was to achieve the effect of video without the need of some sort of projection device. So, each frame from the sequence of Elway throwing his final pass for score a touchdown at the end of The Drive was hand-painted onto masonite tile and mounted into the wall in one very long string...
A few years back, on a previous incarnation of this website, I did a decent page via Fireworks with fancy roll-overs and all that. So, forgive me, standard-compliency gods, for I must bear this table-laden page in the face of the tremendous effort it would take to duplicate this...(who's reading this, anyway?) There's a snazzy photo of my good friend Greg holding hands with himself down the length of the bar with the mural overhead. It's difficult to make out so I felt the need to explain it. So, we have:

Elway Mural Description -- at least there're no frames!

Another interesting tidbit to pour over is the Realvideo clip of the scanned paintings before they were mounted.
NOTE: You will need Realplayer to see this clip. ::download::